Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016

“An old day passes, a new day arrives.” — The Dalai Lama

Happy New Year wishes to everyone who reads this. May the year ahead be joyous and filled with success. May you be surrounded by those you love and warmed by the memories of those who have gone before.

May you be challenged and grow, but may your load never be more than you can bear. May there be hands held out to help you when you need it most.

May this be a year of adventure, of big, scary things that thrill and delight us — and at day’s end, may we find comfort and warmth.

It’s a new day. Onward.

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

One of the rituals at the end of the December is lists. Lists of things we did, things we didn’t do, weight we lost (or gained). We make lists for the coming year — goals, resolutions, where we’ve been, where we want to go. What we want to achieve. What we never want...

NaNoWriMo Inspiration: Day 20

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” — Paul McCartney Yesterday, I logged onto Facebook to find a reminder of how short life can be. Someone I’d worked with back when I was doing the Ren Faire here in Southern California...

TCM Remembers 2014

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “highlight” but one item I treasure each year is the annual TCM Remembers video. We know the big names, but there is always a number of those whose faces we recognize, even if we don’t know the name, as well as...

RIP: Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards passed away Wednesday night; he was 88. While Edwards did have some clunkers in his career, there was also so much magic. Operation Petticoat, Victor/Victoria, The Great Race, and, of course, The Pink Panther — pictures that make you laugh and...

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