Moving Forward

Goals for today:

1) Gym again. More run/walk.

2) Having proudly stated that I don’t want to let the one sentence story summary hold me back, I need to open a blank file and start on the “whys?” for at least one of these projects.

So, About That One Sentence Description…

So, About That One Sentence Description…

I keep running into folks who say, “You need to start with a sentence — preferably 25 words or less — that sums up your book.” Unless I’m going to write, “Boy meets girl, stuff happens, they live happily ever after,” I don’t think that’s going to work for me.

The idea is brilliant; you boil your story down to its essential elements and communicate that to the listener, who will hopefully be intrigued enough to ask for a full/buy the book. It is absolutely something a writer needs to do as they send their precious work out into the cold, cruel world. My argument isn’t with that. My argument is about when the writer needs to do that.


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

Two goals for today, both of which seem relatively simple:

1) Do half an hour at the gym after work. Five minute warm up, 20 minutes of running sixty seconds alternating with walking 90 seconds, five minute cool down.

2) Work on one sentence description of new project I’m starting.

It sounds sooooo easy.

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